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A longer life expectancy and an ever changing economic environment requires creative solutions with ongoing counselling. Planning needs to begin years prior to retirement and continue to evolve as your life does. Let Secure Planning Strategies guide you through the maze that is retirement! 

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Special Needs

Families face unique challenges with a dependent who has a disability. Lifelong care as well as support from their loved ones is not all that is needed...a defined plan is of utmost importance. Secure Planning Strategies focuses on a cohesive approach beyond just basic financial planning and legal planning to keep your loved ones secure.

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Educate   Empower   Engage 

It is our mission to help women feel empowered on financial matters through education.  Financial planning needs for women are not different from men but women face unique challenges and often have different needs. Informed women make informed choices and are more confident of their decisions. Women want an honest and trusting relationship from their advisors.

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Business Succession

Many business owners find the prospect of transferring ownership in their business to be overwhelming. The Small Business Administration (SBA) notes that the primary cause for failure is lack of planning. To exit successfully, owners must have the following 3 elements in place:

  1. A Road Map: Defining where you want to go as well as how to get there.
  2. Experienced Guides: Assembling a team of trained and experienced advisors to guide you toward your exit goals while you’re still running your company.
  3. Implementation: Success depends upon a disciplined implementation of your Exit Plan. Using the team of experienced advisors assembled by SPS Financial will contribute to a successful exit.
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