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As female financial advisors, Minoti Rajput and Elinor Ho understand the unique needs of women in planning for their financial security. Although more women are now engaged in household financial management, many still hesitate to take control of the financial decision-making process. Women in general have longer life expectancy and are often the survivors. Many remain single or become suddenly single through divorce or death of a spouse. While the planning process may not be different, you may need to be treated as individuals with unique needs. Not only are your wants and needs different, you also have different levels of financial knowledge, expertise, confidence and comfort. SPS advisors believe that a one size plan does not fit all clients. We recognize that women in general look for a holistic approach and do not always focus on asset management alone. As planners we believe in empowering women on money matters by

  • Determining your level of financial knowledge and listen to your needs, concerns and fears.
  • Educating and counseling you on various segments of comprehensive planning, the planning process, implementing the plan and monitoring the plan on an ongoing basis.
  • Taking time to work with you without rushing and implementing the plan only after you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Being engaged and listening to what is important to you.
  • Focusing on your family matters, career, health, hobbies, charities, in addition to money matters.

Confidence Gap

There is a confidence gap when it comes to women investing in a retirement portfolio.  Women are not sure about their ability to invest so there is a tendency to take a more passive approach in financial matters.  This is the wrong way to look at the situation because women already have an uphill battle for retirement in comparison to men. (longer life expectancy)

This table showcases how women allocate their assets on average much more conservatively to men which in the end is harmful to the women's overall portfolio. 

With a more conservative approach, women earning less then men and fewer years in the workforce (childcare) women many times are in a retirement shortfall. When a woman doesn’t take the full financial picture into consideration it can be a difficult situation to navigate through but it does not have to be that way.  How does a woman fix the situation so she can have the proper plan in place for retirement? By educating and surrounding herself with advisors who innately understand the complete picture! Knowledge is power and you have the power to actively engage in your future financial success. Secure Planning Strategies has been helping women get on the suitable path to future security for over 30 years.

It does not matter if you are happily married or you are in the middle of a divorce process. Let us help you so you can stand on your own. Call/email us today to talk about your individual situation.