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Risk Management

Secure Planning Strategies will analyze your insurance needs and carefully select insurance products from companies that are the right fit in each situation. We are not employed by any one insurance company; we work only with those that are financially strong and highly rated in the industry. We will discuss with you and identify both short and long-term needs. Then research an affordable product with the benefits you need.

How We Work

There are many pieces to the risk management puzzle. As advisors we focus on life, health coverage during retirement, disability and long-term care plans.

  • Disability Insurance
    • Imagine if you were permanently disabled in your peak earning years... are you well protected to still maintain your standard of living?
  • Health Insurance
    • An employer health plan is a must but the impending health coverage that everyone needs to plan for in retirement is Medicare.
    • What parts of Medicare do I need? (A,B,C,D) What is Medigap insurance? Do I have the necessary coverage?
  • Life Insurance
    • Term, Permanent, Whole, and Universal life insurance are the names but what do they cover and what do I need to be insured properly?
    • Is my need temporary or do I need to have insurance for the long term?
  • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Life expectancy is on the rise and LTC costs are increasing every year as well. How will you be taken care of in the end?
    • There is a 70% likelihood that one or both spouses will need LTC, are you prepared?

Putting Together Your Risk Management Puzzle

There is no exact answer to solving the insurance puzzle but it is necessary to create a secure foundation that will safeguard the entire financial plan for the family. In our process we will take a look at your complete financial picture and make sure that in case of catastrophic life events you and your family's financial goals will remain intact.