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Retirement Planning

Everyone has a different roadmap for their retirement which means your retirement plan should be unique to you. Our advisors will customize your retirement plan to your needs and desires. We are here to guide you on your retirement journey, but it is up to you to execute the plan in order to stay the course and reap the benefits of what you planned for. There are several factors you may need consider at stages leading up to your retirement: “What Age Do I Want to Retire At?”, “Which Sources of Income Will Be There for Me at Retirement?”, “How Much Will My Living Expenses Be at Retirement?

“What Age Do I Want to Retire At?”

This is an age-old question that is very different for every situation. Your goal of a retirement age will change the way we structure your portfolio to help your assets last your lifetime. We hear age 65 as the magic number, however, with medical advances and great life expectancies, you will encounter more retirement years than previous generations have experienced. It is a major lifestyle change and are you ready for it?

“Which Sources of Income Will Be There for Me During Retirement?”

Social Security is a benefit we have...for now. However, you cannot rely solely on Social Security to help you live the life you want. It is there to simply supplement your retirement assets you have built up. Pensions may or may not be a benefit you can expect once you retire. Then what will be your primary source of income? Your retirement assets that you have saved over the years! Do you have the proper portfolio set up to provide for you once you enter retirement – as well as to last you the rest of your life? We will help customize your portfolio to help your money grow or to create the necessary stream of income for you to live off of.

“How Much Will My Living Expenses Be at Retirement?”

You currently live a lifestyle you are accustomed to, but can you afford to maintain it once you stop working? If you cannot afford to keep the same lifestyle, will you adjust accordingly to accommodate the change? Our advisors will guide you in a way you can enjoy your retirement accordingly and in line with your retirement assets and income.

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