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Workshops Help Answer Questions for Caregivers of Special Needs Child

What will happen to my loved one when I am no longer here?

What are the government benefits and can and will they be enough?

What are my child’s future housing options?

Have I provided enough instruction for my child’s future advocate?

Life is not easy for a parent taking care of an adult family member with special needs.  There are so many questions but there never seems to be enough answers.  You are a caregiver yet you are not only taking care of your loved one, you’re also making sure the other aspects are being addressed, such as finding local resources, understanding the laws that are in place, and the legal and financial tools that can assist in creating a current and future framework plan to meet the individual’s needs and wants.

It all seems like it is too much and you feel overwhelmed.  Where do you go for help and support?  Speakers, Minoti Rajput, CFP and Mehul Mistry, CFP of Secure Planning Strategies understand your sense of anxiety and they care about you and your loved one’s situation.  

You have questions and that’s great.  Secure Planning Strategies has answers and will be there for you through a series of workshops geared to explain the importance of various special needs planning strategies while also addressing key components of creating an effective Letter of Intent.  Please take a look at our upcoming events as we look forward to helping you help your family member with special needs.   

Keep in mind that planning for a child with special needs should begin as early as possible.  If you feel like waiting for the next workshop is too far away, given your anxiety and the greater need to provide support for your special needs child, please feel free to give Secure Planning Strategies a call to immediately begin the future protecting process at: (248) 827-2580 or e-mail us at: