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Who Will Take Care of Them When You’re Gone?

The need is real.  You’ve stepped up to the plate and decided do one of the most loving actions and become a caregiver. Whether you are providing support for a parent, spouse, or a special needs child that’s reaching adulthood, you selflessly give your time, energy, and effort to help your loved one. You made choices so you could protect your loved one so you joined the ranks of being included in the 34 million unpaid caregiver’s club here in the United States.  

Although your efforts go without paid compensation, your volunteered time and effort have value.  The truth of the matter is that a hired aid would be receiving compensation for replacing your provided services.  So, let’s think about the worst-case scenario.  What if something happened to you in an unforeseen event and you passed?  Who will now take care of your loved one when you are gone?  Do you have enough resources to replace your worth so you are able to continue the action of taking care of your loved one? You have an opportunity to give your last loving action to your loved one, even after you are gone.  It’s never too late to develop a plan!  Now is the time to create your plan of action in the unforeseen event something happens to you.  

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