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How Will Divorce Affect My Special Needs Child?

When you married your husband, you thought it would be forever.  You now guess forever isn’t as long as it used to be.  You once had a great marriage but a life happened and the added stress of a special needs child just put such a strain on your union that you both have decided to part ways.  No one planned for this to happen and you both did your best.  It’s not like you both made this decision lightly or planned for life to turn out the way.  

Still loving each other, you have decided to move on but feel like you really can’t because you both have a sweet child that will need your care for the remaining years.  It was hard enough providing for a special needs child as a couple but now the task seems impossible to maintain on your own.    

Divorce should never be a couple’s first option but it may be the only solution as a last necessary resort.  It is not easy and divorce is difficult under normal situations.  Now add a couple with a special needs child, and it can feel never-ending.  Attorneys practicing in family law may have a wealth of expertise but very few have the experience to truly protect a caregiver’s interest in the situation of providing support for a special needs child.  

Only an experienced wealth management advisor is certified in special needs planning has the experience, knowledge, and education to accurately assess the financial amount of support needed to meet the disabled individual’s short-term and long-term needs and wants.  The wealth management advisor should also be able to provide supportive help to assist the family law attorney to validate the true needs in court (if needed).  

We at Secure Planning Strategies have over 25 year of experience and we are also certified in special needs planning.  Divorce is never easy and neither is planning for the future of special needs child.  Let us help you and your family law attorney protect the interests of you and your child.  Call us today to talk about your situation at: (248) 827-2580 or e-mail us at: