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A Confidence Gap in Women

There is a confidence gap when it comes to women investing in a retirement portfolio.  Women are not sure about their ability to invest so they tend to take a more passive approach in financial matters.  This is the wrong way to look at the situation because women already have 2 things against them, compared to their male counterparts.  First, women make on an average of 20% less income than a man doing the same job.  In addition to the wage gap, women generally live longer than men.  

When a woman doesn’t take the full financial picture into consideration, she is neglecting her future financial security because she will have less money to invest with a longer period to protect.  It’s a hard situation to be in but it doesn’t have to be that way.  How does a woman fix the situation so she can have the needed money to take care of herself?  The one strategy may be to get more aggressive with your investing, girlfriend! Knowledge is power and you have the power to actively engage in your future financial choices.  If you are not sure and you don’t know where to start, get professional help from a woman wealth management advisor and let her help empower you to make suitable choices.  Secure Planning Strategies has been helping women in your situation get on the suitable path to future security for over 30 years.  To set-up your aggressive future investing consultation, please give us a call at: (248) 827-2580 or e-mail us at