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Our Investment Philosophy

Our clients have a working knowledge of investments and are willing to invest rather than “trade”. Our clients look to us to manage the day-to-day investments, following the plan that we set together. At Secure Planning Strategies, we’ll work with your existing assets and build around them, offering flexible plans that simplify administration, tracking and tax reporting.

Our Investment Framework:

  • Asset Allocation & Diversified Management Style A combination of active and passive management styles help provide growth for the long term as well as capital preservation. We concentrate on various categories of investments…not on products. Professionally managed portfolios are automatically re-balanced to reduce volatility with market fluctuations.

  • Risk Tolerance Risk comes in different forms such as market risk, interest rate risk and inflation risk. We help design a diverse portfolio that can minimizes risks and enhance the value of your investments.

  • Tax Consideration Our tax-efficient investment strategies are designed to maximize growth potential and lower taxes, with focus on the after-tax rate of return. We will personally manage stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other liquid/non-liquid investments. You will also receive on-going education and service to help manage expectations and concerns over market fluctuation. 

  • Index Investing isn't everything Just like a snowflake no two investors can be exactly alike. Your aversion to risk, growth and losses are always very unique to your personal situation. That is why we create a portfolio tailored exactly to your risk/reward tolerance that meets your goals in establishing your secure financial future.