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Vision Board For The Long Haul

February 13, 2017

Welcome back to the Secure Planning Strategies website blog.  This week we are going to be discussing the concepts of vision boards and how they can be a great tool in retirement portfolios.  I am really excited to be presenting this week’s topic so let’s get started right now!   

We’ve all heard the buzz about a “vision board” and how utilizing it will help us stay focused on obtaining what we want and our ideal desires for the present.  Almost everyone focuses on upgrading their current life, such as that shimmering new nicer car or a more luxurious home in a better neighborhood.  Some even focus on having some money in the bank and a more robust income, however, most people do not consider making a vision board for their retirement or even adding that element into their current vision board.  Why is that? To answer the question, a better explanation of a vision board is needed. 

People create vision boards with the intent of wanting what they want at the current moment, like NOW!  They do not want to wait for their desires to appear and the vision board helps people obtain things that they want in an almost instant gratification timeframe.  The problem with retirement planning is that people usually will not see the “instant gratification” for years, even decades because retirement is really far away.  The issue with that is that people do not understand that what they do today will affect their tomorrow. 

Now is the time to plan.  Add that retirement portion in the vision board and start planning for what your ideal retirement would look like.  When you have a picture in your mind, and you are focused, give our office a call so we can set your plan in motion.  We, at Secure Planning Strategies, help our clients achieve their dreams of retirement.  It is never too late to move your relationship in a different direction.  If you don’t want to wait for the next week’s blog article and you want to get started today, please give us a call at: (248) 827-2580 or e-mail us at:

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