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Relationship with Money Series (Week Six)

December 19, 2016

Welcome back and we are so excited that you have stayed with this series until the very last blog post for the Relationship with Money.  Let’s get to it and finish this series! 

The last big source of influence that will be discussed here is our environment.  I know what you are now thinking.  “What do you mean by environment?”  Our environment plays a huge on-going part in our perceptions in the world of money.  The word “environment” includes the news, shows, and movies we watch on T.V..  It also includes the books we read and the various comments or statements that others make and we happen to overhear.  As we take in all that information into our head, the message of having money continues to replay as negative head talk in our minds.  For example, the news often showcases criminals of white collar crime that got caught running Ponzi schemes or someone killing another person for the sake of obtaining material wealth.  Now add T.V. shows that showcase rich people who behave badly and are willing do less-than-ethical actions to get ahead and make more money.  Add another layer of people negatively talking about other people who earned a promotion, or got a raise, or just “act” greedy.  All of this is negative conditioning distorts our perspective as it related to our relationship with money.  You don’t need anyone’s permission in order to attract more money.  This cannot be stated enough.  Money is neither bad nor good.  You are not greedy if you possess financial abundance and wealth is not a bad thing if you receive and give it in a legitimate and ethical manner. 

In conclusion with the money series, it is important to have a good relationship with money.  A lot of us have been programed by our misconceptions, families, faith or religion, and environments that having money makes us a bad person or greedy and unholy.  It is the hope that you recognize the various factors that have caused you to have a negative perception with money and to find ways to change it so you can live a life without financial lack.  Instead of thinking that you do never have enough money, change it to state that you always have more money coming in than going out.  Your relationship with money is up to you and you alone.  We hope you enjoyed our series of relations as it related to money.  As you see your abundance start to flow in, it might be a great idea to speak with a wealth management expert that can help you manage your abundance.  It is never too late to move your relationship in a better direction and you can get started today.  All you have to do is give us a call to book a consultation at: (248) 827-2580 or e-mail us at:

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One last thing before we close, please remember that the energy of money responds to the type of energy we give it so appreciate it.  Appreciate money when money finds you and always meet it with your true heart of gratitude.