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Relationship with Money Series (Week Four)

November 07, 2016

Hello, again!  Secure Planning Strategies is excited to welcome you back here to the blog. 

In the past several weeks, this blog has given you the opportunity to learn about your current relationship, as it related to money.   We have discussed that the money relationship really comes down to a person’s “perception” about money.  The perception of money is also really about energy and the reaction to that same energy.  For example, when we fill our thoughts and feeling, with negative energy or perceptions of a situation or an event, we subconsciously are sending out energy that will be matched and brought back to us in the same form.  Last week’s blog specifically focused on many misconceptions that affect our beliefs by limiting our ability to have a positive relationship with money. 

Getting to this week’s blog article, we are going to be discussing the first of several influences we have been introduced to that have shaped our beginning beliefs as it related to the relationship with money.  As previously stated, we create our relationship with money based on the messages we receive and this usually starts from a very young age and from different sources.    

The first source, which is probably the most important to acknowledge, is the influence our parents and family had over our learning perception of money.  Think about it.  Did your family have money or did they struggle?  Was money a main reason why your family fought or was it a kept secret to which your family did not talk about financial matters?  Did one parent spend more than the other and it cause the family to have financial scarcity?  Were they generous as they freely gave money or were they tight and saved every penny without spending any of it to enjoy life?  Whether we realized it at the time, witnessing this type of behavior from our parents really did shape our initial thoughts, feelings, and created perceptions that money was either bad or good thing. 

As we conclude for this week, the learned behaviors and perceptions that created our relationship with money is still a big influence of our financial relationship today.  As an adult, we repeat that same cycle in our everyday lives as we recycle the same thoughts, feelings, and actions that we witness from our parents in days past.  We have the ability to make choices and you have a choice to live from a perspective of scarcity or a place of abundance.  If you want to learn how to start having a great relationship with money, please feel free to call our office and let Secure Planning Strategies help you.  You can reach our office by either calling us at: (248) 827-2580 or e-mail at:

Please come back next week when we will focus on the second source of influence that has affected our relationship with money.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to receive our latest financial updates at: