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Happy New Year!

January 05, 2020

Happy New Year! We would like to extend our best wishes for a healthy and happy 2020. As we begin a new year, we would also like you to consider the age-old tradition of resolutions. What will be your resolution for the beginning of a new decade? Most importantly, how will you accomplish that goal?


Secure Planning Strategies’ resolution is to become even more interactive and personable with you, our client. This year, you will see a renewed commitment to connecting with you through our blog and various other communications. Some of our posts will be educational but we also hope to make you an extended part of our family and let you in on our travels and other activities. To begin, here is a list of our team member’s New Year’s resolutions:


Minoti: Attend weekly Spanish meets regularly and become more fluent in Spanish.

Mehul: To be much more patient with my children next year.

Elinor: To have better health and stress management.

Cathy: To work on being more patient with myself and others.

Ceree: To read more, exercise more and continue trying to live a healthier lifestyle including having a more efficient garden & canning even more this year.

Deborah: To maintain and improve good health.

Wesley: To work on my Mandarin by having more conversations with my mom and becoming more fluent.

Matthew: To not eat as much candy or sweets in the new year.

Amber: To find new and interesting things to read.


We hope we can be a part of your resolutions too. Please reach out if you need help putting together the steps to be successful in 2020.